Wii DVD - Play DVDs on the Nintendo wii console with easy to follow operating instructions.

Published: 09th March 2010
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If you have obtained a Wii, you are probably asking yourself, why on earth didn't they give a DVD playback option in the unit. While using new technologies and so many functions in the Nintendo wii gaming console, it wouldn't have been even marginally challenging for the manufacturers to add a Nintendo wii DVD playback option in the equipment.

Nintendo wii is only able to play Nintendo wii gaming console and nintendo gamecube game titles. Any try to make it play every other DVD or even CD will go in vain since the device won't understand it. It's a bummer though, since it might have been so much less complicated to use different DVDs and CDs to play backed up games or films or watch images on the Nintendo wii.

The one thing that the Nintendo wii gaming console supports besides the Wii games is a Memory card. Memory Cards are enough to merely load images on the Nintendo wii and browse through them. Aside from that, they're hardly of any use for a normal person.

Thankfully it is possible now to softmod Wii and play Wii DVD for other than just Wii and GameCube video games. However sadly, the software for doing this is not technically supplied by Nintendo. Nintendo still doesn't worry about using the Nintendo wii game console DVD for other purposes than playing games. These software in which basically mod Nintendo wii gaming console are made by intelligent computer programmers who have been finally able to find out a way to give the Nintendo wii game console the various entertainment options it deserves.

With Wii DVD unlocked, you can use it to do so many things besides merely playing game titles. You can enjoy films, mp3s , DVDs, backed up games, homebrew game titles, other regional games (including some awesome Japanese games including Sin and punishment), and you can even run emulators to play some classic console games like contra, double dragon etc.

When Nintendo created Wii they were just focusing on video gaming. But we as customers will like to use a piece of equipment to its full capability wouldn't we? Ultimately, the gap between the Nintendo wii functions and our expectations is filled.

But, you should be cautious when you go on ahead to softmod your Wii . There are a number of ways that could even void your warranty. If you tamper with the equipment in any way (like installing a mod chip) then you are going to void your Nintendo wii console warranty.

You will find completely risk-free software on the market today that can softmod your Nintendo wii gaming console without doing any kind of harm. And since they are software they may be uninstalled if you wish (although they are so helpful that you will never wish to uninstall them).

But even these types of software aren't a piece of cake to install. It's because these details is reasonably complex and not easily available on the net, individuals actually are lost while attempting to mod the Nintendo wii. With different versions of Nintendo wii game console you will find different methods of softmodding Nintendo wii, people frequently find the techniques for some different versions and try installing it on their version, which leads to nothing or in a worse situation, a bricked Wii.

Nintendo wii DVD can be unlocked easily using a simple guide which covers all the steps that are involved in modding Wii.

Eddie Larwyck is an avid Wii gamer who has been playing Nintendo Wii for over 3 years. All the methods and software available for unlocking Wii can be viewed at his website unlock wii.

You can read more about unlock Wii by clicking on the link.

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