Easy methods to mod Nintendo wii console – Don’t spend your time falling for useless info

Published: 04th March 2010
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Because of so many benefits that a modded Wii provides, it gets quite tempting for a Wii system user to Unlock Nintendo wii. You'll be able to enjoy backup games, homebrew video games, games from a USB drive, enjoy films, enjoy music, play emulators and even play YouTube videos after you mod your Wii system.

But you ought to become knowledgeable of all the possible alternatives out there that can unlock your Wii. Before you spend your hard earned dollars on some software program or some modchip, you should educate yourself on the advantages and disadvantages of each approach available to mod Nintendo wii game console.

This article will tell you all you need to learn regarding how to mod Nintendo wii game console. Every one of the latest methods and also the old ones are going to be reviewed so you do not fall for some of the scams on the web and make a prudent selection if you plan on buying anything.

1. The mod chip is the oldest method which you can use to unlock Nintendo wii game console. Mod chips which can mod Wii system to play back up video games became available a few months after the Wii was released. The mod chips are still capable of modifying the most recent version of Nintendo wii game console, however unless you would like to void your warranty and take the chance of harming the equipment and bricking your Nintendo wii, it's recommended you do not opt for mod chips.

2. V3.4 to v4. of Nintendo wii console used to need a video game known as Zelda: Twilight Princess to unlock Wii system. However nowadays, it's possible to softmod any version of Wii, without purchasing or leasing any game. The software used to soft mod Wii exploited a glitch in the video game to get inside the menu of Wii to soft mod it. Even though, this method is completely risk-free and does not end your warranty it is a little difficult and requires several attempts before you can actually make it work. This method doesn't work with v4. of Nintendo wii game console.

3. The most recent and the best way to mod Nintendo wii to date is by making use of software (softmod) to mod Nintendo wii that doesn't involve any video game like Zelda or else. This method operates on all the versions from 3. to 4.2 .You don't need any specific components or any kind of technical expertise to get it done. If you have the correct guide and understand precisely how to proceed, it won't take above 5-10 minutes to mod Nintendo wii. Basically, should you have the skills to open up your browser click on the link to the article, then you definitely possess the expertise required to softmod your Wii.

Modifying your Wii system is not something which demands an in depth research and testing all various softwares and techniques available on the net. The more advice you get, the more puzzled you'll be. Even I spent a minimum of 15 hours trying to figure out things on my own, and the end result was that I was left with nothing but exactly the same machine i began with. Luckily I knew better to utilize a mod chip; or else I'd have definitely voided my warranty.

You shouldn't spend more than 15 minutes on such a trivial task. The time you waste searching for a way to easily unlock your Nintendo wii console might have been used to have some quality gaming time together with your family. A good guide can tell you step by step on what to do precisely to Unlock your Wii. All you want to do is search for the guide on how to softmod Wii system.

Eddie Larwyck is an avid Wii gamer who has been playing Nintendo Wii for over 3 years. All the methods and software available for unlocking Wii can be viewed at his website How To Unlock Wii.

You can read more about How To Unlock Wii. by clicking on the link.

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